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For the classic paper by Steven Butterworth, "On the Theory of Filter Amplifiers", click here. Our thanks go to Larayne Dallas at the University of Texas at Austin, who dug up this 80 year old paper for us.

For the paper by Donald E. Pauly, "Six Pole Butterworth Filters", click here.

For the paper by Donald E. Pauly, on "Power Supply Magnetics", click here.

For the classic paper by Donald E. Pauly, on High Fidelity Switching Amplifiers, click here.

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Nascent Electronics specializes in novel Switching Power Supply designs for electronic ballast applications. We use high frequency switching techniques to produce 60 Hz square waves to operate a variety of different types of arc lamps such as fluorescent, sodium vapor, metal halide, and neon.

This avoids many problems which are caused by attempts to operate these lamps from high frequency alternating current. This includes radio interference and acoustic resonance. The square wave changes directions rapidly and prevents the extinction of the lamp. This avoids stroboscopic effects that are prominent with lamps operated on old fashioned iron core ballasts. This effect makes them dangerous to use around rotating machinery.

Our ballasts are approximately the same size as the old fashioned ballasts and designed to mount in the same space. They weigh about one fourth as much and the efficiencies are about 95%. This is in contrast to the efficiencies of the old fashioned ballasts which is about 80%. Our ballasts will pay for themselves in electricity saved alone in about four years. They also extend the life of the lamps. Reduction in replacement costs of the lamps is usually equal to the cost of about a year's worth of electricity.

We also have an electronic soldering gun which is ready to be put into production. It operates at 45 kHz using the skin effect in iron. We need prototype plastic cases designed and built for it. We will consider joint ventures. This soldering gun heats in two seconds, puts out twice the power and has one-fourth the weight of the old fashioned 60 Hz type.

At this time we are not taking applications but we would like to hear from mechanical engineers or such companies who are experienced in repackaging laboratory prototypes into production ready packages. We will consider certain types of joint ventures with them. We also are interested in hearing from venture capitalists who would be interested in financing the transformation of our prototypes into manufacturable versions. We will consider either equity, percentage of sales or payback in silver.

Only principals need contact us. Employment agencies and other brokers will be reported to their hosting or ISP companies for spamming. Our company is run by engineers, not bean counters.

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9 July, 2011